Monday, June 20, 2005

"Funniest Thing Ever" of the Day...

Oh Lord. Did you hear about what happened to Tom Cruise at the UK premiere of War of the Worlds? Two British pranksters pretended to be interviewing him, when out of nowhere, their phony microphone squirted him in the face with water! Hahaha!

The footage is priceless. You can read the story and watch it in all its greatness right here.


If that wasn't funny enough for you, Cameron Diaz was recently coldcocked by Kiwi model Coralie Eicholtz, after she inadvertantly stepped on the model's dress, ripping it and causing her to fall. Eicholtz was quoted as saying:

"As Cameron leaped over our seats she accidentally trod on my dress - putting a big hole in it. I toppled over and fell on my face - so I gave her a right hook before my friends stepped in."

Oh, if only there was footage of this, my life would be complete.

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Gary M said...

Shame he was so restrained, in a way. I'm officially challenging that camera crew to pull the same stunt on Russell Crowe, in a hotel lobby, with about 20 telephones laying around the place.

Marnie said...

Yeah, or maybe old school and do it to Sean Penn. :-)