Saturday, June 18, 2005

HOLY shit

This person actually exists.

Thanks to Pink Is the New Blog for bringing this to my attention.


Anonymous said...

I'm telling Paul Mitchell that you're responsible for his product being bastardized in chain stores.

You. Single-handedly. Solely. Lone Wolfishly. Without anybody else.

Then he might ask how I know, and I'd have to fudge something like, "I saw the whole thing!" and then Mr. Mitchell would get all uppity and shit, and I'd probably end up getting a Federal indictment on my ass!'re safe. For now. Bastid.

LX. :D

Marnie said...

Did you ever notice that while he claims to be produce the best haircare products around, all he ever has is a balding, greasy ponytail?

Anonymous said...

Similar to when Ernest Borgnine's wife had a beauty infomercial, and he showed up on it.

Um, hello? Should that not begin at HOME? Tell me her products, if they did anything, couldn't have helped that very scary man?

So yeah..Borgnine is to Beauty what Mitchell is to Hair. THAT should've been on some SAT test somewhere in the verbal section! ;)


Catherine said...

LOL! Well, the guy's blog you posted is a bit of a freak don't you think? I mean how much money does he actually have!!!

Catherine xx

Marnie said...

I like how Paul Mitchell's getting free advertising from my site now because of Google AdSense scanning to see what I write about and then advertising accordingly.

After that, he shouldn't care that I called him an animal.