Thursday, June 16, 2005

I am a darn good cook!

You know, I never really considered myself much of a cook, but for two nights in a row now I've just completely wowwed (or is it wowed?) myself in the kitchen!!

After opening the fridge for about a week and staring at the 2 large eggplants that were taking up far too much room, I finally decided on Tuesday night to try and do something with at least one of them. I looked at a few recipes online just to get ideas and decided that I would just keep it simple and make plain old friend eggplant. Well actually, it's not that simple at all. There's quite a few steps involved and it takes long, but I digress. After salting and rinsing and patting and flouring and breading and chilling, then frying, I was finally done. It turned out so good!! At first I was eating it plain (because I did cool things like mix parmesan cheese with the bread crumbs) because it was good enough to do that! Then I decided to slap some cheese and sauce on for a nice makeshift eggplant parm dish. Awesome. I'm a regular Jamie Oliver. At around 2am I remembered it was downstairs so I had to have another peice ("no late night eating" be damned!).

Anyway, as if that wasn't good enough, I whipped up a particularly slammin' batch of BLT pasta salad last night. I've made it before, but there was just something about last night's portion that kicked extra ass. I ate it like it was going out of style, and I housed the rest today at lunchtime. Giving credit where credit is due, the recipe isn't mine... I just execute it well. :-) You can find it here... (just nevermind the misprint where it says "lettuce and lettuce"... it means lettuce and tomato!). Oh yes, and for the record, I cut the recipe in half. Even I couldn't eat that amount in just two servings!

So to sum up this entry... I'm awesome at making fried eggplant and BLT Pasta salad.

And my English muffin pizzas aren't bad either. :-)
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Catherine said...

Ooh you can comment on this thing!! Yes, I would like to comment that I find the term "English muffin pizza" very funny :-) I suppose if you said Scone Base then people would think it was a biscuit in hobnob. LOL!!

Also, you would be amazing as a columnist in a magazine. Like your comments on the Olsen twins was like reading a column in Hello magazine! :D *compliment*

Catherine xx

Emily said...

yes, that BLT salad is pretty damn spanking good. I experienced it first hand. :)

Marnie said...

Thank you, thank you. *Bows*