Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Trouble With Magazine Deadlines

As most of us know, most monthly magazines are actually often put together a few months, if not more, ahead of the actual publication date. This deadline schedule can sometimes lead to problems when celebrities say things in interviews that no longer hold true a mere few weeks later.

In this month's issue of InStyle, Katies Holmes discusses how she and Chris Klein had ultimately decided that they were better off as friends. She then adds, "And we are very young." Oh yes, we wouldnt want to settle down so soon, right Katie?

As we all know, for weeks now we've been inundated with photos of Miss Holmes and Tom Cruise, or "TomKat" for those in-the-know. In another recent interview, when asked how she felt about the prospect of marrying Tom, she apparently blushed and said, “That makes me smile just thinking about it.”

Ummm... what happened to being too young? Does that only hold true when BOTH of you are young? Was the ink from the presses even dry before her comment already didn't make any sense? Just how far in advance does InStyle do their interviews? Or is Katie just being a hypocrite? You decide.



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