Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Congratulations, Danielle and Mario!

As she is one of the (few) faithful readers of Marnie's World, I would be completely remiss not to post a big, fat, huge CONGRATULATIONS to my good friend Danielle on her engagement to her Italian Stallion, Mario!

I haven't met her fiance yet, but from the looks of the enormous rock on her finger, he's a keeper. A million well-wishes to you guys!! For you are jolly good fellows.

And I promise not to get too drunk at your wedding!


Flicstix said...

It is all lies - she will get hammered and try to pull any hot cousins within a 20 mile radious!!!!

Marnie said...

Or, if it's anything like the last wedding I was at, I'll be the only one there to get flagged.

"No More for the girl in pink."