Sunday, July 03, 2005

Hell's Kitchen... Hells yeah.

Does anyone else watch this show? If you don't, check it out tomorrow night on Fox. It's addictive.

Actually, you'd have to admit that most reality shows are addictive, even the AWFUL ones like Married By America. (The exception being I Wanna Be A Hilton -- I refuse to even give this cack a chance). I think it's easy to get hooked, particularly when you hate someone on the show... which almost always happens. On a sitcom or in a film, you know that someone wrote it, so you don't ultimately care what happens. With reality shows, it's much easier to hate someone and love watching them fall, because you know it's real (well, more real than a sitcom is anyway!). Sure, much of it is exaggerated, but let's face it... Omarosa is a mega-bitch in real life. LeeAnn is a conceited psycho in real life. Kim Caldwell is an obnoxious hick in real life. It's a train wreck and we love it.

In Hell's Kitchen, the asshole of the group is Andrew. Ugh... I hate this douchebag and I can't wait until he gets voted off. The only thing I'll miss is Gordon Ramsay bitching him out at every opportunity!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow's episode.

As for tonight, I'd like someone to tell me why The Dead Zone isn't on!! Come on TV Peeps! I need my Johnny Smith fix!!!!

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