Sunday, July 03, 2005

Hilton Stuff

I just read this about Paris Hilton's wedding plans.

I'm sorry, but this quote does NOT sound like it came from Paris:
"I've got my heart set on a ceremony at St Paul's or Westminster but I've had to write to the Prince to ask for a dispensation because I don't qualify. I really want to get married at Christmas though as I'd love to have snow and log snow and log fires,* so Windsor is a cool back-up."
First of all, I don't think "dispensation" is a word that has ever come out of her mouth. Secondly, " I'd love to have...". No. She totally does not talk like that. This, however, DOES sound like a quote from Miss Hilton:

"But the actual event is going to have a royal theme and London is the only place to do that. I'm the closest thing to American royalty anyway."

Gag me.

I'm not really sure what to make of this quote:

"It's fitting really as the Queen is married to a Greek and so will I be."
The first part sounds too proper and English for her (there's that "as" thing again), but the poor grammar at the end of the sentence seems like it could have come straight from the horse's mouth. I guess it's a case of paraphrasing gone wrong. Oh well.

Why am I even writing about this? Someone just kill me.

* P.S. What the hell is "log snow and log fires"?

In Other Hilton News...

It seems as though Nicky Hilton has taken a page from Nicole Richie's style book! Perhaps she's impressed by Nicole's "Young Hot Hollywood Style" Award.

Just have a look...


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