Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Incentive Jeans

I went to the mall on Saturday to buy a shirt for this Friday's festivities with Duran Duran. I told myself over and over 'You are going to buy ONE shirt. You have a budget, and you are not to buy more than one shirt." Ha. One shirt, one shrug, two pairs of gouchos, a dress, some jewelry, and one pair of incentive jeans later, I was home. I had the will power of a junkie in a crack house.

But anyway, so I bought these "incentive jeans" at the Gap. If you're wondering what incentive jeans are, they're jeans that are a size too small, but you buy them anyway, with the idea that with hard work and perseverance, you'll one day work your fat ass into them. This particular pair was $78 on sale for $35, so what the hell, right? Surprisingly, I can actually get them on AND (as an added bonus) actually button them. I just have to learn how to hold my breath for 10-12 hours at a time. I'm hoping that by the fall, my newly svelte self will be able to slide into these babies with little to no effort. As it is, I don't have to lie down on the bed to get them on, so I suppose that's a start! Onward ho!

Oh Yes, One More Thing...

Unfortunately Verizon Online DSL has failed me yet again, and I'm unable to get online on my own computer. I'm going away again for a while anyway, so I suppose now's as good a time as ever for my Internet to fail!! I'll see you all in... Gosh, I don't know... a week? 2 weeks? Something like that. Bye for now, peeps!!

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