Sunday, July 17, 2005

Rock + Royalty

So, my girl Nicole Richie wrote a book and I am so reading it. And guess what? If she does a book signing, I'm so there!

INicole Richie!

I don't care what anyone says. I think she is so funny and entertaining, and I loved her on The Simple Life (please note she was the only thing I loved on The Simple Life). I'm so glad she distanced herself from the empty shell that is Paris Hilton. She seems much happier now, she and DJ AM are really cute together, and... well, whatever, she's my fave! I'd love to hang out with her for a day.

And as a side note, the media is so annoying about her weight loss. Don't get me wrong, she's TOTALLY skinny, but so are a million other girls in Hollywood. She never got attention when she was heavier. All you ever read about was that she was Paris's chubby, homely sidekick. No one cared. Now, all of the sudden she's everywhere. Even if it's to harp about how skinny she is, she's still everywhere these days, and as they say, any press is good press!!

I mean, come on, you didn't see her as a Bongo spokesperson when she looked like this:

I'm not denying that she didn't go a little too far (and I hope she doesn't lose anymore) but the double-standard is just so annoying. Leave her alone.

Ignore the haters, Nicole... and call me!

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