Friday, July 15, 2005

Way to Give Away the Ending, Hayl.

Haylie Duff did a silly thing recently. Not quite as silly as Hilary's chiclet veneers, but that's a whole other time and place. What I'm about to do makes me no better, because I'm only further spreading the news, but she started it, so whatever. had an article talking about how the lesser Duff is going to be playing a college student who's knocked up in upcoming episodes of 7th Heaven (that show is still on???). In the article, they also mention that she's got a few movies coming out too (Why does she continue to get work?). In one of the films, titled I Remember, the Jay Leno lookalike will play "the ultimate mean girl." This is what the genius had to say about it:
"My character is this really bitchy, crazy girl in high school, and she actually ends up dying to the Miss America song which is pretty cool," she laughed. "
So there you have it folks. If you were planning on seeing this film, don't bother. She dies. Actually, maybe that's a reason we should bother.

And does she do this chin thing on purpose?

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