Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Day in the Life of Simon

What's more exciting than following my dog around with a camera and seeing what he gets up to during the day? Nothing.(And yes, these were all taken in the same day... I'm that busy.)

After Simon first awakens (he requests no pictures first thing in the morning) he, like any other living, breathing, creature, has to go for the obligatory pee...

After relieving himself, he decides to chill in the backyard for a bit. It's an added bonus if Milton, Buddy, or any of the other dogs in our neighbouring yards come to the fence for a sniff-fest. Unfortunately today, we weren't lucky enough for this to happen.

Simon then heads back into the house, and doesn't waste any time reminding me that he's a good boy for peeing outside, and he deserves a treat.
Gimme my treat!

Then it's time for a little hide and seek...
My hiding spot stinks

And, of course, to roll around in some dirty laundry. Note the guilty look on his face. He knows that's bad!
I love stinky laundry

He then takes some time out to discuss some serious issues and current events with his brother.
Did you hear about...

He debates his views fiercely.
You dont know psychology! I do. Youre glib

"Let's play! You throw this, and I'll go get it!"
Throw it!

"But first you must pry it from my death-grip jaws"
You cannot beat me!

I hate small spaces

"What? Like YOUR day is any more exciting?"
Got a problem?

Just remember, Simon is ALWAYS watching you!

Ive got my eye on you.

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Anonymous said...

haha, thats a cute dog, funny p.o.v.'s too.

(P.O.V.'s=point of view)