Thursday, August 25, 2005

Full of Mierda

You know, I realise that I can come off as a little snarky sometimes when it comes to celebs and stuff, but that doesn't mean I can't also recognise when something is completely out of line. When I feel that a celebrity has been wronged, even if it's someone that I normally lambaste, I will totally point out the injustice.

The latest celebrity that I feel I should go to bat for is Charlize Theron. Here we see Charlize's ass in a bathing suit, care of Clasos images:

Clasos captioned this picture: "Charlize Theron nos muestra un poco de celulitis mientras arregla unas plantas en su casa de Malibu"

Which translates to:

"Charlize Theron shows us a little cellulite while she tends to her plants at her Malibu home."

Umm... excuse me Clasos, but are you kidding? I would give my right ass cheek to look like Charlize in a bathing suit (or a snowsuit, for that matter), and I'm 5 years younger than she is. Any cellulite in that photo is definitely not worth mentioning. If you want to talk about asses, there are plenty of others out there that are far worse than what we're seeing above.


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