Friday, August 19, 2005

Funniest Thing Ever of the Day...

Okay... this is good.

Woman Gets Cable Bill With Derogatory Name.

A Chicago woman is fuming after receiving a bill from Comcast Cable in which she was addressed as "Bitch Dog."

No... seriously.

25-year old Lachinia Govan, after being repeatedly treated "shabbily" by Comcast employees, told one of them, "You know what, it has to be a qualification to work for your company that you have to be rude." For this reason, she doesn't think the name on her subsequent bill was an accident. Ha. No kidding.

A Comcast spokesoman said "We only use the actual customers names on the bill." (THAT was the response?)

Another Comcast employee left an apologetic message on Govan's machine, and the two parties involved with the name change were fired.

Apparently, this isn't the first time something like this has happened, although not with Comcast. Peoples Energy customer Jefferoy Barnes once started getting letters addressed to "Jeffery Scrotum Bag Barnes." (LMAO)

Barnes apparently has no idea why this happened as he "had no bad words at all."

Still funny!!!

Read the full story here.

I can't imagine if all companies did that. If that were so, I'd have been Bitchy McPimplePants or something on my latest Verizon bill after the amount of times I whined to their customer service department last month (in fairness to me, their service was sucking and no one could help).

It also reminds me of the time last December when the bastards at Capital One cancelled my credit card after they saw some purchases being made in England (a train ticket and a pair of pants, mind you. Even if someone HAD stolen my card, they weren't exactly breaking the bank).

When I called (from Luton Airport, after being denied my flight) to say that the English purchases were, in fact me, and ask them to please turn the card back on, I was told the best that they could do would be to send me a new card to my HOME address in 7-10 days. Umm... no. That doesn't help me.

In an effort to curb my spending, that was the only card I'd brought with me, so that left me pretty much stranded... again, in Luton freaking Airport. After a 40 minute call and being reduced to tears, BEGGING this woman to help me, she said "I'm sorry ma'am. Is there anything else I can do for you today?"

After a brief pause, I responded at the top of my lungs (and much to the amusement of some British onlookers) that yes, there was something else she could do for me today. She could go f*** herself.

The following month there was an unexplained $75 charge on the card. When I called to inquire, I was told that it was a currency exchange fee, but that it also said in my records that I had become "belligerent" with one of the customer service reps and that was unacceptable. I replied that I did, in fact, become belligerent with her and that I was about to get belligerent again if the fee wasn't removed. It was.

If I hadn't cancelled my account with them, I'm sure my next bill would have been addressed to "Bitch Dog" too.

In a PERFECT ending to this tale, I'd like to refer you to this image, which links to a website that I had nothing to do with, although I'd like to hug the person that did:


Cerella said...

OMG! I feel the same way! If you don't mind....just to really make sure that the point is firmly made...I'm gonna post the same thing on my blog!

Marnie said...

I don't mind at all! Go for it! :-)