Saturday, August 20, 2005

Have I Told You Lately... That I'm Suing You?

British rocker (and long-time target of my obsessive tendencies) Rod Stewart is being sued by Harrah's for a cancelled New Year's Eve show in December of 2000. They want back the $2 million he was paid for the show (wow... who knew Rod garned that kind of pay per show?).

Rod (yes, we're on a first name basis) underwent surgery for thyroid cancer in May of that year, and was not recoved in time for the show. He's now fully recovered and wants to make up the cancelled date. Harrah's isn't having it.

If you ask me, Harrah's are being a bunch of sticklers. They're all "But we wanted you on New Year's and if we can't have it our way, we're taking our ball and going home!" (Boo freaking hoo). Let him make up the show and keep up his money. Come on, he's got a baby on the way. He might need it. :-)

Read the whole sordid, litigious tale here.

Speaking of Rod...

In all my years as an unstable fan, I never once came across this photo of him and well... I wish I still hadn't. I have no words.

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