Sunday, August 28, 2005

Oh, I Believe in Yesterday

In all this crazy talk about my nocturnal adventures, I've somehow forgotten to tell you about my day yesterday (and we can't have that now, can we?)

As I mentioned, yesterday was my nephew's third birthday party. It turned out really nice, despite the weather. There had been no previous report of rain, but alas, a half hour into the party, it started to pour. Little kids don't care. They'd happily play outside on the swings and in the pool during a torrential downpour. The parents weren't having it though. Everyone was moved inside. It all worked out though, because Spider man had arrived... and just in time too! (But I guess that's "his thing" right?)

Kyle was SO excited about Spiderman being there. When the guy (not in costume yet) first got there, Kyle heard my sister say "Spiderman's here" and he proceeded to run and tell everyone in the house (which sounded something like "PIE-DA-MAN'S HEOW!"). He even told the Spiderman guy himself. I won't get into all the details, but he was a big hit with the kids. Pictures to follow soon.

Snoopy, my sister's dog was acting funny during the second part of the day... shaking, looking lethargic, walking with his tail between his legs, etc., and we were all speculating about what it could be (his medicine? all the people? did someone give him cake??!). By the end of the night though, he seemed to be back to himself, even jumping in the car to take a ride to my house... which is insane because he despises the car.

Am I boring you?

Well, too bad. :-)

My brother got an excellent deal on a car yesterday, and I'm hoping to do the same some time this week. I really want one of the new convertible VW Beetles. If anyone wants to donate one to me, that'd be great. Any colour would do, but the "mellow yellow" with the cream top and cream interior would be best. No leather, please.

Otherwise, I'll have to get something more in my price range. ('78 Gremlin? Here I come).

Pretty please? :-)

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