Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Perfunctory VMA Mention

I'm not going to get into the VMA red carpet pictures or anything (and certainly not into the show itself because I haven't seen it -- MTV will rerun it 7, 619 more times this week alone so I'm not concerned) but I do want to mention that Hilary Duff looked really pretty and I loved her dress.

Much better than last year. She looks to be rockin' the Mystic Tan, but I don't hate! I do worry that she's treading into "I can fit into my own purse" territory, but I'm hoping she (and her handlers) have enough sense to know when to stop. Like as in, now. It was certainly nice to see her without Haylie hanging off her like a second skin.

Oh, and also, Jessica Simpson looked awful.

Was there no one who could have stepped in and stopped this?

I think she's lost her mind.

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