Saturday, August 20, 2005


I saw Red Eye tonight with my mom. It was okay. I don't have too many complaints. It's not like I expected it to be a piece of pure cinematic genius (and it wasn't) but it was entertaining enough, which I think is all you can expect out of a film these days. The epic masterpieces are few and far between.

Rachel McAdams was pretty good. Cillian Murphy (or "Tranny Face" as he's so lovingly been dubbed at You Can't Make It Up) was as creepy as ever. I'm not quite sure what it is about him that makes him so hard to stomach at times.

Actually, I guess it's the tranny face.

Either way, he's the perfect villain. I hated his character just as much in this as I did in Batman Begins and... well, that's the idea. Good work, TF.

So all in all, if you don't mind a bit of hokeyness (or is it "hokiness"?) and a few scenes of "that could never really happen" amidst an otherwise relatively entertaining storyline, then Red Eye just might make for a pleasurable theater-going experience for you.

Rachel McAdams and Tranny Face

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guile said...

just saw red eye.. mr murphy is deliciously creepy..