Wednesday, August 24, 2005

So You Think You Can Suck

I happened to catch a little bit of So You Think You Can Dance on Fox (where else?) tonight. I wish I hadn't. It's bad.

Like, really bad.

Too many wannabes:

Too many metrosexuals:

And FAR too many tears.
(Which I won't even bother to show you. Just imagine those faces with wet stuff on them).

Not to mention, if you think American Idol had a lot of boring, unnecessary filler and too many recaps, you ain't seen nothing yet. The judges try too hard to emulate Simon Cowell, and the dancers just try too hard... period.

Worst of all though, is the host, Lauren Sanchez. My first thought was "Where did they find this one?" but I've since looked it up and she's apparently a big face in newscasting. That is, a big, amazingly plastic-looking, lifted, tucked, and botoxed face in newscasting. She looks like a younger, odder looking version of Janice Dickinson and quite frankly, it's very distracting. Add to that her overly dramatic manner and it makes the whole thing absolutely unbearable.

The bottom line? They've tried to capture of magic (and ratings) of American Idol... and failed miserably.

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Anonymous said...

Thank god for this year's Cat Deeley. Lauren Sanchez (thank you for your comments on that nightmare) was unbearable, literally. I had to mute and fast forward every time she came on the screen. She was a living horror movie (but one kinda wants to see her stabbed and run over by a bus to put US out of our misery ... agh). It figures Fox chose her, but thank goodness she's gone. Cat Deeley is totally bearable.

Marnie said...


TOTALLY agreed! :-)