Thursday, August 18, 2005

These Boots are Made for Buyin'!

Move over Uggs, there's a new love of my life in the boot world! I present to you, in all their glory, the LIV's "Libby B":

Ahhh!!! LOVES IT!! I am SO rocking these boots this Fall!! They come in tons of colors and even have a shorter version called "Slippery" (sort of the "classic short" to the Libby B's "Classic tall") but since all my Uggs are short, I think I'm going to go with the tall ones. I'm also going to hold back and only buy them in one colour (unlike with my dear, sweet Uggs). I can't wait. Is that sad? Probably.

Not that my Uggs are going to take a backseat, mind you. Those bastards cost far too much money to stop wearing just because they're no longer the best of the best in the world of footwear. I refuse to go the cowboy boot route though. I think I'll just skip right over that trend and hit this one. Plus, I don't have any light cream-coloured Uggs so these will be a nice addition to my shoe collection.

I wonder if they'll become a big huge craze. If they do, remember kids... you heard it here first!!

1 comment:

Danielle said...

I know you are going to buy more than one pair....who are you trying to fool ;-) Anyways, i'm glad you're back!