Thursday, September 29, 2005

Aquarius Love

This is eerily true...

Aquarius is the last of the Air signs of the Zodiac and is a member of the Fixed group of signs. Those born under this sign have a need to be ‘ahead of the game’. They derive satisfaction from thinking differently to others. It is a complement to them to be described as eccentric and deviant (though they may deny this!). They love to be contradictory. Idiosyncrasies may be developed as a way of stating that they are different.

Yet Aquarius people long for everyone to be treated as equal and will fight to preserve the rights of the individual. This can give rise to difficulties. Aquarius people think futuristically and can be defiant and rebellious in justifying a decision or course of action. They have a tendency to inconsistency and others may find them disruptive. Yet they are excellent at absorbing information. Conclusions reached may be astounding and border on the genius. Those born under Aquarius need to feel appreciated for this uniqueness and may become bad-tempered and outspoken if ignored. They also, as one of the Fixed signs, need to know where they stand. They may advocate change but dislike change that is thrust upon them. At such times they become tense, defiant and difficult.


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