Saturday, October 01, 2005

Lohan Behold

Look out, world. There's a new Lohan on the loose, and this one's going to work her way up the ranks Jamie-Lynn Spears style. Take a look at Aliana:

Note the obnoxious pose, complete with Hollywood-ready emaciated legs and even some phallic looking cotton candy held at just the right angle to be a little dirty. This girl's got game.

Mind you, she's 11 years old.

I don't know if you remember what Lindsay looked at 11, but she was far more innocent. If Aliana is that far ahead of her at that age, I hasten to imagine what she's going to be like at 19. Somebody book the rehab in advance.

I guess little Ali was listening after all.

1 comment:

Danielle said...

who at the age of 11 is wearing a strapless dress and high heels?? I'm pretty sure that my mother was still picking out my clothes and they were still rather innocent.

P.s I miss you we need to get together.