Sunday, October 09, 2005

Paparazzi Are Scum

We've all seen and heard tales about how ruthless and sometimes downright disgusting a paparazzo can get when they're trying to get a good picture. Some, including myself, have argued that it comes with the territory of being a celebrity. I think this holds true in many cases. However, sometimes it just goes too damn far, and these people should be punished.

I think we all remember a few months ago when Lindsay Lohan was intentionally plowed into by one of these scumbags, who even smiled right in her face before he did it. Well, it's happened again, and although authorities are saying that the photogs had nothing to do with it, I'm not so sure I believe it. I mean, look at these pictures. Wouldn't you have been trying to get away too?

But these idiots don't draw the line at the actual celebrities. They don't care who they have to hurt to get a picture. This week, one of them was charged with child endangerment and battery after striking a friend of Reese Witherspoon's, as well as the friend's 5-year-old child with his camera, just to get a picture of Reese and her kids!!! Are you kidding me????

You can read all about it here. Somebody ought to lock this guy up and throw away the key... and take pictures of it.

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