Sunday, November 20, 2005

Princess Hip Hop?

Wait 'til you hear this.

According to The New York Post Online, Paris Hilton describes the sound of her upcoming CD as "princess hip hop". Umm... excuse me, but what in the name of all that is holy is PRINCESS HIP HOP? Is that rapping about spindles that prick fingers and uncomforable peas in your bed?

Actually, I've heard the song "Screwed" that was/is supposed to be the first single, and going by that, one can only deduce that "Princess Hip Hop" means "really, really shitty horrible music by rich, untalented morons." Yeah, that's about right.

Never one to hold back from saying something stupid, Paris commented that, while she is a classically trained violinist (who knew?) she's "... not going to be onstage playing the violin. That would be gay."

A comment that's an insult to gay people everywhere.

Princess Jackass


Daisy said...

and violinists.

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