Monday, November 14, 2005

These Boots Are Made For Buyin'... Again and Again.

Does anyone remember a while back when I raved and raved about my new Liv's boots?

Does anyone remember when I said I was only going to get one colour?

Does anyone remember how I'm full of shit? Because I totally have three pairs now. (You were SO right, Danielle).

That's right, the black ones and the pink ones have arrived on my doorstep this week, and I'm so overjoyed! I can't wait to wear these biotches! In fact, I'm so excited at these that I've actually decided to sell all my Uggs! My once beloved Uggs will soon be history (and so will my guilt about supporting mulesing!). Watch the "Buy My Crap" space in the sidebar and perhaps you can be the happy new owner. :-)

I don't know who this Liv person is, but wherever they are, they've made me a very happy woman!

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