Tuesday, December 13, 2005

mise à jour miniature

(That means 'miniature update')

So I'm here in England, and amidst my shopping, drinking, more shopping, and more drinking, I've somehow found the time for a wee bit of updating!

First of all, I'm having an amazing time, as usual when the English are involved. It's been so great catching up with all of my friends! Not much has changed,which is exactly the way I want it!

Admittedly, I've had massive amounts of alcohol since I've arrived, which, as we know, can make anything seem fun, but in this case, it's really true. :-) It's still 6 days before the Duran Duran related part of the trip, so I think I'm headed towards total fun overload. Come New Year's Eve, I'm going to want nothing more than to sleep! I'll give a much more detailed account when I return, complete with photos!

In addition to all that, I'm pleased to report that Sienna Miller hasn't, in fact, bought up all of the skinny jeans in London and the surrounding area, so I was able to score myself a pretty hot pair last week. I'm actually so proud of myself that I was able to leave TopShop Oxford Street yesterday with only one item. I decided that £40 was a bit too steep for a wide chainmail belt, so I opted out of that (somehow) and got a cute little sweater instead. Yay me!

I'm also chuffed at the fact that my mobile phone here isn't costing me near as much as it has in the past, due to me being far more sensible. Oh to be all grown up!

It all sounds rather boring and tame, but it so isn't!

More on all this later! I've got a bit of celebrity gossip to speak of!

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