Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tissi and Pillu

So the night before I left for my trip, I helped out at the "HIM" concert at the Electric Factory (and by "helped out" I mean I drank booze, ate pizza in the dressing room, and watched the show from behind the sound mixer on the stage.) Sweet.

The show itself was really, really good. I'd never heard of "HIM" before and I was really impressed by them. They've been huge in Europe for quite a while, but apparently Bam Margera, of Viva La Bam fame is a huge fan and that's really helped them obtain a growing American fan base. He was at the show with a group of people, including his parents and my friend Nicole and I were saying that we couldn't really look his father, Phil, without thinking about how we'd seen him naked on the toilet. Nice.

At one point, while we were sitting in catering, Bam (who is very friendly, by the way) came in, complete with camera crew, yelling to someone, "What's the other name for the ABC - Ass-Balls Connector?"

Said person answered with "Well, there's two names. The 'taint' and the 'notcha'... 'cause it's 'notcha balls and it's notcha asshole". Tres funny. When that scene airs on MTV, remember you heard it here first! :-)

Anyway, if you haven't heard of "HIM" like I hadn't, I definitely recommend checking them out, if for no other reason that their tour manager is like the coolest person I ever met.

(Speaking of which, Tom, I never got the email with the picture that you made me turn my back to while you sent it... what gives?) :-)

Here's some not-so-great camera phone pics from my sweet spot on the stage:

As if the night wasn't fun enough, we came across a setlist from a few days earlier, in which all of the song titles were changed to include the words "tissi" and "pillu". We soon found that these are the Finnish words for "tits" and "p***y" which of course makes the whole thing even funnier!

Definitely a night to remember.

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