Monday, January 16, 2006

Hollywood Twigs-a-Plenty

Does anyone remember a few months ago when I voiced my opinion that the press have been wholly unfair regarding Nicole Richie's weight?

Let me remind you.

For those of you who don't feel like clicking the link because it won't open in a new window and you'll lose your place, I'll give you a rundown. I know that Nicole is skinny. In fact, I know that she is only a shell of her former self. However, this is Hollywood, people! The place where the very most important thing is to be thin and pretty! Before Nicole lost the weight, she was referred to as Paris's chubbier, uglier sidekick. Now, try opening a magazine without seeing her, sans Paris, standing on her own feet as a cover girl, a spokesmodel, and a fashion icon. Some would say, a bigger star than Paris (not physically, of course!). She's cuter and certainly more likeable. So who cares if she's skinny?

First of all, don't try to tell me for even one second that Nicole doesn't look 10 times more beautiful now than she did before, even if only in her face...

Moreover, why does she get singled out as having an eating disorder when there are people who are just as thin who are considered beautiful and glamorous? In typical Marnie fashion, I offer you up this photographic evidence of the Hollywood double standard, complete with commentary...

Why is it that Mary-Kate has been touted as finally looking "healthy" while Nicole is "starving herself"?

All I see are equally skinny girls, with one having far better fashion sense and cleaner hair!

"Formerly rail thin" Lindsay looks great now, while Nicole "has bulimia"?

Not too much of a difference in poundage, as this picture clearly shows.

Nicky Hilton is "super sexy" but Nicole is "scary"?

Nicky's knee could poke your eye out, for God's sake!

Eva Longoria is "smoking hot" while Nicole is "disgusting"?

Pardon me if I don't see much of a difference. And I might take this opportunity to point out yet another blatant rip-off of Nicole's style!

And finally, in the most double-standardy of all double-standards, Teri Hatcher is the "hottest housewife" while Nicole "needs to eat something"?

At least Nicole is proportionate!

Leave her alone!!!!


Behonkus said...

HERE HERE! I totally agree with you!

Marnie said...

Thank you! :-)