Monday, January 09, 2006

Mighty Mouse

This is a true story.

So this 81 year-old man from New Mexico has a mouse in his house. After an indeterminate amount of time, man catches said mouse. Rather than simply putting the mouse outside or even using a conventional mouse trap, the man decides to toss the mouse onto a pile of burning leaves. Now, I'm not one for conventional mouse traps, but I'd even opt for one of those rather than cruelly throwing the mouse to burn to death like a heretic. It pissed me off when I heard that part of the story.

I think it pissed the mouse off too... and this is where it gets good.

A burning pile of leaves is no match for this mouse. Oh no. This mofo emerges from the flames, Terminator-style and runs BACK into the house, setting it ablaze, and burning it to the ground. No one was hurt (except the mouse, whom I'm sure didn't make it) but the man has lost all of his belongings and now is living in a motel room.

Now, when I read this story earlier, I was all for the mouse. I was cheering him on for combatting the man responsible for his cruel fate. However, now that I read that the man is 81 years old it makes me feel a bit sorry for him. Not sure why because it's still terrible what he did, but I karma might have taken things a step too far this time around.

But it still makes for a good story, so there you go!

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