Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Familiar Faces

Did anyone watch American Idol tonight?

Remember these twins?

I recognised them as soon as I saw them! That's Becky and Jessie O'Donohue. They looked so familiar to me because they were the models who used to escort the celebrity guests down the stairs for The Graham Norton Effect on Comedy Central. I went to almost all of the live tapings of that show and there they were, every week!

One week, the week when Macauley Culkin and Rupaul were the guests, I watched from backstage and saw those two in action. They sort of got on my nerves if I'm being honest, but that could be a total judgemental girl thing because I actually know nothing about them. They were just fidgeting a lot and were acting sort of miserable, as if it absolutely pained them to be models. Of course they could be the sweetest girls in the world and it was just your average insecurities showing because of the skimpy schoolgirl outfits, but that was just my observation at the time.

Why am I telling you all this? Probably because I never recognised anyone from Idol auditions before and it was a little bit cool. :-)

Oh, and for those who care, they also appeared on Fear Factor before, on a special twins episode. With the exposure they've had, I'm not positive it's entirely fair that they should be on Idol too, but what do I know? I'm just a catty girl!!

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Barbie said...

Hi, my name´s Barbara, I´m from Brazil.. I ran into yourr blog and HAD to comment on this pic.. Those twins are the most beautiful girls I´ve seen, who cares if they´re a pain in the ass..lol
Anyway, I wish I was that pretty!!!