Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's Good To Know Why People Come Here

Like the majority of bloggers out there, I have a few site tracking devices that have the ability to tell me what kinds of things people type into Google or Yahoo or MSN, that ultimately bring them to my humble little site.

Sometimes, I wish I didnt check said statistics because it just makes me feel dirty. There was a time, back in around August some time, that the 17th most popular phrase that brought searchers to my site was, disturbingly, "girls putting things up there pusses" (sic).

Ummm... ewww. First of all, they could at least get the grammar right. It would have been the possessive "their" as opposed to "there" obviously, but I suppose that's really the least of the problems in that search. Anyway, I ultimately got over that (for the record, it was calling the Olsen twins "sour-pusses" that did me in, as the other words are pretty generic) and since then, none of the searches have been so bad.

Surprisingly, a lot of people search for "Saffron Le Bon" (Simon's young daughter) which is kind of weird, and it's amazing how many people want to see "Hilary Duff's veneers" or "Olsen twins too skinny" but it's still better than the above-mentioned nastiness.

Anyway, there is a point to all this, because I was checking my recent stats just now. The O'Donohue twins got me 168 hits today alone (thanks, biotches!) so that's relatively normal. But then there were these:

"Child camel toe"? GROSS. Don't search that, people. You're all nasty paedophiles.

Not quite sure what my site has to do with "Moroccan nightclub bitches" either. You won't find anything about them here.

And finally? I most certainly do not have the "cell phone number of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen so their number one fan can call them".

People are so freaking odd. But then, I suppose I should just shut up and be happy that the last one used the appropriate form of "their," right?

What is this world coming to??


Cindy said...

God only knows what'd happen if somebody Googled "Playa Cod"....

Marnie's got a freak following!! Bwahahahaha! :D

Jenny said...

Hi there - Just thought I'd mention that I found your site by googling Sarah Thubron - sad situation - but thanks for posting the info and photo.

In turn, I was looking for Sarah after finding our about her for the first time on the Rod Stewart Wikipedia entry.

And in turn, I was looking up Rod Stewart, very urgently, because I just woke up and could have sworn that I heard on the radio that he had died!! But thankfully it must have been a dream as he appears to be alive and well for the moment.

While I was thinking about Rod, I recalled a funny story from about 1981 which I'll share. I too was a big Rod fan since childhood (though not quite as committed as you) and at one point my Geography homework book was covered with a Rod Stewart poster. The book went back and forth to the teacher without incident (I think the quality my homework was usually pretty satisfactory) until one day, I felt moved as you do, to write "I love Rod Stewart!" repetitively on the inside cover of the book. The book came back with a big red cross through my words of devotion, and a note from the teacher saying "Please refrain from including your personal comments in your homework book". How tragic! She probably thought Rod Stewart was some pimply boy on the train and didn't see the connection to the gorgeous picture on the front cover of the book.... :)
All the best, and thanks again!