Monday, February 13, 2006

Susan's Ousted, Marnie's Pissed

And that, my friends, is the end of my interest in The Bachelor. While I wouldn't be horrified to see him end up with Sarah Tennessee (despite what I've said in the past, I've warmed to her), he won't. There's just no romantic connection between them. Moanna's going all the way with this and that just makes me sick.

Trust that I'll be watching Real World/Road Rules Challenge next week.

Boo, Travis.



Spirophita said...

Which is why it is so completely shocking that he didn't choose Moana. I mean, nobody really liked her, and everyone knows that they had the long-term romantic potential of Boy George and Paris Hilton, but at least he was excited about her. Sarah from Tennessee was nice, but if I hear one more time how "perfect" he was for her, I will seriously claw my eyes out.

Marnie said...

You're telling me! I was completely shocked that he picked Sarah. I think that was due to some clever editing as well. The entire series made it seem like he really didn't have any romantic interest in her, which obviously wasn't true. They constantly showed him fawning over Moana when apparently his "heart" wasn't in it with her.

Funny thing is, I warmed to Moanna a lot during the last episode, and like you said, hearing Sarah say over and over and over how "perfect" he was for her made me want him to choose Moanna because she seemed to have genuinely fallen for him. Not because of characteristics he had, that "if she wrote down on paper" would match perfectly, but for him. As much as I disliked her throughout the whole show, I felt for her at the end.