Thursday, March 09, 2006

Graydon Carter Blacklist Wish List

Now the Graydon Carter has gotten the ball rolling on the demise of Paris, I have a few new challenges for him. These overrated peeps have seen their day and he's the one person who can finalize it!

Top 10 Celebrities I Wish Graydon Carter Would Blacklist Next
10. Beyonce Knowles
9. Eva Longoria
8. Kristin Cavallari (and anyone else from Laguna Beach attempting to make a name for themselves outside of that show)
7. Kim Stewart
6. P. Diddy
5. Sienna Miller
4. J-Lo
3. Star Jones
2. TomKat
1. Jessica, Ashlee, and Joe Simpson (They're a package deal, aren't they?)

If anyone is wondering about the absence of Britney Spears on this list, I ask you... do you think she needs anyone else's help at this point in doing herself in?

Come on, Graydon... make 2006 your year!

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