Thursday, March 30, 2006

I Hate You Too

One of the things I love to do regarding this site is to check up on who comes here, how they got here, and where they're from. I find it all very interesting. My absolute fave is the "keyword search". I've had some real doozys since the inception of this site. In addtion to the ones I mentioned recently, I've had things like:

"world sexiest boob" and "your extension cord wouldnt reach that far artist"

Umm... what the hell does that mean? (For the record, both were searched via Yahoo. Not quite sure what that means, but I'm sure it holds some relevance)

This week, a search of "Nicole Richie's camel toe" was far too abundant for my liking (the only camel toe you'll find here is Kathy Hilton's, thank you very much!) and "Ashley Olsen nude" was a biggie, as usual. Surprisingly, the most popular search involved Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson, so thanks for that Casey, even if you are the heir to a no-good animal testing bastard of a company.

Anyway, none of those were my favourite searches of the week. These beauties hold that honour:

I haven't talked about Wal-Mart hicks in quite a while, but it's good to see it still gets me some hits.

As far as my disease, you didn't specify which one.

No, Kelly Clarkson biggest butt is definitely not fair. I hear you on that one, buddy. (????)

Not quite sure why that last searcher had to specify "ugly" 3 times and "plain" twice, yet "naked" only once. I almost want to run that person's IP and hunt him down so I can ask him (because you so totally know that was a guy searching that).

Anyway, my very favouritest search of the week was made this morning at 11:38am. I will now share it with you, care of Site Meter:

Well, random person in Hampshire, Shawford, UK, I hate you too. So there.

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