Friday, March 10, 2006

It's A Rod, Rod, Rod, Rod World

As I've mentioned many, many, many, many times on this site, I spent the majority of my life as a Rod Stewart-aholic. I was as obsessed with him as much as one human being can be obsessed with another. Remember this? Yes. THAT obsessed. Throughout the past... I'd say... 3 years or so, however, I kind of started to fall off the Rod wagon a bit, as I'm not a big fan of the old standards he's been doing (not to mention, the last album he put out before he started The Great American Songbook series, called Human, did nothing for me. Nothing.) I still love his old stuff, of course. I just wasn't quite as ridiculous as I once was, and I opted out of formally celebrating a lot of the little milestones that I once would have.

However, I must admit that I had a bit of a relapse this morning. As I was in the car taking Simon to the Vet's office, whatever radio station I had on was doing this thing where they would play a remake of a song, then play the original. They started off this set with Rod's version of "How Long" by Ace. This song, which came off of the Tonight I'm Yours album (one of my faves), was never released as a single, thus, in all my years spent fawning over Mr. Stewart, I'd never once heard it played on the radio. I got so excited! It immediately brought me back to my prepubescent years, when I would get giddy to hear "Downtown Train" in the supermarket, or the Musak version of "You're in My Heart" in an elevator. It was very weird. I even idled in the parking lot until the song was over.

In an odd twist of fate, a bit later when I headed back out for more errands, I turned on the car to find "Do You Think I'm Sexy?" blaring on the same station. When I switched on my iPod, "Some Guys Have All the Luck," "Lost in You," and "My Heart Can't Tell You No" bam-bam-bam -- right in a row!! "My Heart Can't Tell You No" was actually the song that initiated my insane love for Rod lo those many years ago, so that made the whole thing even weirder.

By the time I got back from running errands (we're talking 30 minutes tops), I'd heard 7 Rod Stewart songs, which almost never happens.

Why am I telling you all this? Not sure really. Although while I'm at it, I should add that this month actually marks 14 years since "the beginning." *pretends she doesn't know the exact date when she clearly does, as it was one of those aforementioned formerly celebrated milestones* I guess it was just funny and slightly odd and I felt compelled to share.

I'm odd like that. :-)

Here's to 14 more years, Rod!

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Anonymous said...

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Also i'm glad Simon doesn't want to look that dorky.. My Squirrel Dave would never get in my car :o))