Monday, March 20, 2006

Three's a Crowd, Seven's Just Way Too Many.

According to Digital Spy, my beloved Rod Stewart and his fiancee Penny Lancaster are looking to be parents again.

Fiona Edwards (whoever that is) reports:

"Rod Stewart's fiancee Penny Lancaster has revealed that they are planning for another baby, making this their second together and Rod's eighth. The couple had their first baby, Alistair Wallace, in November last year and Lancaster has now revealed that they may be ready for their second child. Lancaster is quoted on as saying: "We've talked about baby number two.""
First of all, once again the papers are giving Rod an extra kid. Another baby would make it Rod's 7th, not 8th. Not sure why EVERY publication insists on doing that. All that aside, I hope this isn't true. We know I love me some Rod, but come on, it's time to think of the children! He's 61 now. Doesn't he want to see his kid's graduate from college? (Or at the very least, be famous for being his child and nothing else?)

Just because you can physically still have kids doesn't mean you should!


The Stewart Children, minus baby Alastair.

Edited to Add:

HOLY CRAP! I stand corrected! Look what I found from

"Who is Sarah Thubron?
Sarah is actually Rod's first daughter. He never denied this, although hardly anybody knew that he had a child when he was 18. Sarah was born in 1963. Rod actually sings about her on 1970's "Gasoline Alley" in a song called "Jo's Lament" : "You bore my child then I left you aside. I don't expect you to forgive...". If this is autobiographical or not has yet to be proven. "

Hardly anybody knew! You ain't kidding! At 12 years old (okay, and slightly beyond), I prided myself on knowing everything there was to know about this man! I can't believe this piece of knowledge escaped me! I'm in shock.

But it gets worse:

"Sarah Thubron, the secret daughter [Rod] never sees, she was born following a year-long romance with art student Susannah Boffey. Now 41, she married a Tesco delivery man last year. In 1995, Rod said of Sarah: "You can count her if you want. I try not to.""
Ouch. That's harsh.

I can't believe I didn't know he had another kid. What kind of fan am I? :-)

And just because I'm thorough, here's a photo of the lovely Sarah:

There's absolutely NO denying that's Rod's kid. That's a Stewart mug for sure!

Which brings me to another point. If your eldest child is technically old enough to be a grandmother herself (albeit, a young one) it's time to stop spawning your own children. Thanks.

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Kindabored said...

Doesn't matter how long he lives, his kids don't graduate, they becomes sleaze bags (A.K.A.- Kimberly) and bums. Saw a video of them on some show (Oprah?), they all live in his house and do nothing all day.....he (Rod) was laughing about the fact and said "what do they have to work for, they know they have money", something like that.....Sick

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for Sarah. Is there any way to contact her? Email perhaps. I have been a huge fan of Rod since '71 and just learnt of Sarah. My opinion of him is changing very very quickly. So unfortunate. And yes, she is the ONLY child that looks like him.

Anonymous said...

A Rod fan forever

I have been a Rod Stewart fan since I was very young maybe 6 or 7( I am now 44) and that will never change. I was disheartened to read of his lack of involvement in his eldest daughter Sarah's life. A child doesn't make a decision to be brought into this world and because of hard feelings, immaturity or other extenuating factors a child should not be punished by the lack of their parent especially when she is able to see the involvement with other 1/2 siblings that her father has and he is a loving giving attentive parent. I myself had my first child at 17 my second at 19 and my third and last at 23 all I gave the most love that I could. I still love Rod for his art. He has often touched my heart through his works. I do understand not planning to have a child at an early age but it is a decision that the parent makes not the child and we as parents must be accountable and responsible. Still love you Rod and wish you all the best and God bless.

martin baker said...

rods a twat, how can he deny sarah she is his 1st born, he owes her big time. how can he say that about her, also his other kids should be ashamed of their selves they have a half sister who has been through neglect in her life you would think they would support her. im a rod fan been watchin him live since 1978. but i think he is out of order.

Anonymous said...

Rod and his teenage girlfriend decided to put Sarah up for an adoption because Rod said he was too young to have a baby. Rod made the right decision for the baby and now she comes back into his life. How is that fair to parents who make the right choice and put the baby up for adoption.

Anonymous said...

My Mum always tells me about Sarah.
She went to school with her, and they were in the same year.
My mum says she hasn't changed since her old school days.
She hasn't kept in touch with Sarah though.
My mum didn't know she was Rod's daughteruntil after she left school.
She speaks highly of Sarah.
She says they knew each other quite well.
Imagine if they had stayed in touch, huh?

Hannah said...

I love Rod so much. he does sometimes talk to her I've heard. She does look a lot like him. :} And he made a good decision putting her up for adoption she probably had a better life than she would have. Rod was so young I'm sure he would have done his best though. I do like all his other kids there good people really they're not as bad as people make them out! :]

martin baker said...

anonymous & hannah. i bet your a pair of social workers. cut the crap about adoption. So what if they did? does it make it bad if she wanted to find her dad? And her dad happened to be a superstar? he wasn't a superstar when he had her was he? I'm a life long rod fan and have been to over 100 shows of his all over europe. But it don't mean i agree with everything he does oe says.Rod is big enough & certainly wealthy enough to give this poor girl the best quality of life she & rod have left. It's a FATHERS responsiblity to help her.Most people would be happy & proud to have found their 1st born.Come on rod this time make the past right as he wrote in the song jo's lament n his gasolene alley album "you bore my child and i left you". You left her rodders and now you know who she is you should take responsibillity for her. After all she is yours the 1 who out of all your kids looks like you the most. mb

Anonymous said...

poor Sarah...i read all this story and i am very sorry for her...even if she was put for adoption...if she found out that Rod is the real father..he should have accepted try to know her better...and not to be so cold..after all is not her fault and she is his real daughter...she didnt want his money, she wanted to know him and her brothers...i like ur singing Rod...but u should try to recover the badness u make to her, because u really broke her heart..