Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's That Time Again

That's right... time to check the site statistics!

1. Twenty-three people actually care about this guy? For the record, I wasn't even really talking about him. I was talking about how his socialite wife looks like every other socialite out there.

2. Two things disturb me about this. The first is the search itself. 'Nuff said. The second is the fact that I highly doubt 13 people mistakenly added the "\" in their search, which can only mean that the same person searched this 13 times and clicked the link to my site... 13 times. Way to go, sicko. Oh by the way, I never talked about her boobs.

3. That's just hilarious.

4. Woo hoo! Rod Stewart's illegit daughter garnering me two hits! Go girl.

5. Who's she? ;-)

Not as detailed as before, I know, but I'm tired and stressed. Soz.

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