Thursday, May 25, 2006

Idle Recap

So... American Idol finale. In a nutshell? Very, very good. I'm sure many will disagree (I'm looking at you, Jeff from work!) but I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Hopefully you're going to thoroughly enjoy me talking about it. Some two-hundred million people around the world were watching, (and you were probably one of them), so I won't bore you with every detail. However, there are certain highlights (and lowlights) that I feel I need to comment on, in no particular order.

Jumping right in...


What the hell was going on with him? When he came out to sing "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" (Celine Dion??? WHY, God?? WHY?), the first thought to go through my mind was "Huh?". I know they wanted to keep the guest stars a secret, but he's one of the last people I'd have thought. After the initial weirdness of that subsided, I spent the entire rest of the performance in awe of how much Katherine was outshining him. First he was doing the weird shake, but then his voice just sounded awful. He's lucky Simon didn't have to judge him after. I heard someone say today that Meatloaf has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, which would explain the shaking, but upon further investigation, I have yet to find any details about this, or even a mention of it for that matter. I think it was just some sort of "artsy" move that wasn't executed well. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry Meatloaf!!

Funnily enough, I read a quote from Katherine today regarding the performance that said, ""They just came to me. It wasn't like it was my choice. They just said, Okay, you'll be singing with so-and-so...I didn't even know who he was. But now I do. He was like really big in the '70s, right?"


But yeah, not one of the shows highs, that's for sure.

By the way, did you know that Meatloaf is a vegetarian? How ironic. :-)

Carrie Underwood, while looking adorable, was a bit of a snoozefest. I didn't like the song at all, but she sang it well. I'm glad she's had such success. And she's a vegetarian too. :-)

I laughed my ass off when "Crazy Dave" went flying off the stage, but after a few seconds, I was glad to see the back of him! I can't imagine what knowing him in real life is like.

The group performances were pretty good. I thought they focused a little too much on Chris and Paris, though, and not enough on Elliot. He was on the show for longer and he should have gotten more solo time. Kevin Covais has seemed to get slightly better at singing (and he's still cute as a button), and Mandisa even looked like she lost a little weight. I had forgotten all about Bucky until I saw him, but I really thought he sounded great during his solo parts. I felt sorry for Melissa McGhee, because no one seemed to remember her at all. She did well, but she got very little cheering when it was her turn.

Speaking of Elliot not getting enough solo time, what was up with the Mary J. Blige performance? Elliot hardly got to say anything, while she basically came and screamed through the whole thing. The other idol/celeb match-ups were much more evenly split, and that was disappointing. Another low for me (how many does that make?). Elliot looked adorable though. Is it just me, or has he gotten cuter and cuter since the start of the season? Love him.

When they cut to Alabama via satellite, I was slightly disgusted to see the O'Donohue twins (didn't we get rid of them already?) but even that couldn't ruin the adorable little kids with their hair dyed gray in honour of Taylor!! SO cute!

And speaking of Taylor, WHAT was up with the Toni Braxton thing?? I'd rather watch Meatloaf 10 times over. She was AWFUL!!!! She seemed like she barely knew the words, and was just trying to disguise it by singing really low... and REALLY badly. Taylor outshined her infinitely. But what was up with that pairing to begin with?

The "Puck and Pickler" segments were just ridiculous, but they did confirm that Kelly is a really sweet, charming, funny person. Dumb as rocks, of course, but I think I'd like to spend the day with her. I loved when she pretended to eat the snail and said "Mmm! That was SO GOOD!". What I did not love was the new haircut. It added about 10 years to her, and accentuated chipmunk cheeks that I didn't know she had.

My absolute FAVOURITE part of the show (yes, even better than Taylor winning) was the Michael Sandecki/Clay Aiken duet. That was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time, and I laughed out loud through the entire thing. First of all, they showed Michael's original audition again which was a laugh-fest in itself. "I'm the next Cuh-lay Ayyy-KIN!" Classic.

But the performance, dubbed by my co-worker as "the most homosexual encounter I've ever seen" was just the best part of the night. When Clay walked out onto the stage behind Michael, the look on his face was priceless. Then Michael's reaction to Clay was so genuine! I loved it! The fact that he stayed out on the stage and sang with Clay as long as he could, until Ryan nicely coaxed him into the chair, had my sides splitting.

You know I couldn't go without showing this whole scene again, so here you are! (But hurry up before Idol rips it down from YouTube for copyright infringement!)

The only thing is, I'm not so sure about this new 'do Clay is sporting. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad he's found another way to utilise the almightly flatiron, but this look just strikes me as a little "much." Maybe if it wasn't as dark? As the aforementioned co-worker put it, "What's with the lid, Clay?" That said, his skin looked like porcelain, and he looked great in the suit. His voice was amazing as always. All in all a wonderful showing, so we'll let the hair thing rest for now.

Finishing up, the Prince thing was weird. Weirder than the Meatloaf thing, but not as weird as the Toni Braxton thing. He was good though. I'm not a huge Prince fan or anything, but I can appreciate that he's a legend. I guess I'm just surprised he'd associate with Idol?

And so then Taylor won, the Marnie curse was broken, David Hasselhoff cried, and the world rejoiced.

If you'd like a more thorough recap of the entire show, try here... or here... or here.

Thank you, and good night. xx

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