Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ashlee Suddenly the Hotter Simpson, Hell Freezes Over

A while back, here on my humble blog, I once theorized that it mustn't be very enjoyable to be the less aesthetically pleasing one, within a pair of famous sisters.

Well, okay, I put it a bit more bluntly...

It Must Suck to Be the Ugly One

I can't be certain, but I like to think that a certain Miss Ashlee Simpson read that particular entry of mine and thought, "She's right! It does suck to be the ugly one! And you know what? I'm going to do something about it!!"

The reason I say that, is because Miss Ash has recently gone out and got herself not only an frighteningly cute new nose, but a pair of newly-plumped lips to match. While I think she may have gone a bit overboard on the collagen, I must tip my hat to Ashlee (and her surgeon) because quite frankly, she looks gorgeous.

I did not even recognise her when I first saw her.

If you clicked the link that I posted above to my former blog entry, you'll have read that I thought Jamie Lynn Spears did an excellent job of utilizing her resources in order to forge a career for herself. Her pre-Federline Britney-clone looks, as well as the fact that her sister tumbled downhill (and fast) spelled certain victory for Jamie Lynn. My guess was that the next sister to follow in her footsteps would be Aliana Lohan, but I was wrong. Ashlee stepped her game and jumped right in there. She took advantage of the fact that her divorcing sister was letting herself go and she went to town at the prime time.

Well done, Ashlee. Many kudos to you. And even more kudos to your surgeon.

I just have one request. Now that you're all adorable and stuff, can you please quit singing and stick to still shots? Thanks.

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