Sunday, June 04, 2006

Katherine McPhee to End Career Before it Starts

Oh, holy hell.

Katherine McPhee to Sing at Cruise-Holmes Wedding

Looks like Stephen Spielberg isn't the only celeb to suffer from 'McPheever.' Apparently Tom and Katie have secretly asked American Idol runner-up (read: loser) Katharine McPhee to sing at their upcoming wedding.

Do you know what the best part is? Katie and Katherine apparently first met at the Los Angeles School of Scientology! Katherine McPhee is a scientologist! Good God! They're everywhere!

Reason #6,790 that I'm happy that Taylor Hicks kicked her booty in the finale.


Anonymous said...

After reading your tripe I would say your a much bigger loser than any of them.

Marnie said...

Woo hoo!! Another scientologist!! :-)

Of course, only non-losers like yourself post stuff like that anonymously. Go you.

Plus your grammar sucks.

Thanks for the comment! :-)

Anonymous said...

(LOL) none of that changes the fact that your the loser not them ( any reasonable person wuold realize that).

Let me explain it in a way you might understand....When you and they wake up tomorrow they will still be important people in the world and you will still be--- well, a nobody. And this will undoubtly continue to be the case day after day the rest of your life.

You could just say it irks me when unimportant people attack people that have worth and have made important contributions to the world and will continue to do so whether it be in the art they practice or other areas.

Anyway, I'm done ranting...just thought you like to know how some of us casual readers who stumble across your blog might perceive you.

Marnie said...

Hey "anonymous"

Remember Charlie Brown's teacher?

That's what I'm hearing right now.

And sorry, but if you think that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are good examples of people who "make contributions to the world" then I think you'd better think twice about how easily you can call someone else a loser.

I'll bet you think Paris Hilton is talented, too.