Sunday, June 18, 2006

Oooh, SNAP!

My boy got himself fugged, y'all.

From GoFugYourself:

"Yasmin Le Bon looks a bit like The Widow Deadwood, or perhaps one of the town's sassy spitfire whores, but on the whole I'll take it over her husband Simon's getup any day.

I was always a John Taylor girl anyway, back in the Duran Duran days, but still -- there is no need for Mr. Le Bon to be channeling Chevy Chase in Vacation, when he puts on the hideous white loafers Randy Quaid gave him and goes to the dingy motel bar in search of Christie Brinkley. That ended in watery embarrassment. Between that and the ill-conceived pairing of a tuxedo and tight jeans, he looks like the saddest washed-up gigolo at the party.

And, I mean, Simon, look where Chevy Chase is these days. Or, more accurately, where he isn't. Not sure those are the shoes in which you want to walk a mile, if you get my meaning."

While I find it utterly hilarious that they titled this post "Fugan Fugan" I do take umbrage with the fact that they used the phrase "back in the Duran Duran days" because I, of course, would argue that those days are still upon us.

Am I the only person left who would argue such a thing? No. I think Nick Rhodes would agree.

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