Tuesday, June 27, 2006

This Is The Last Time

Well, it's actually probably not the last time you'll hear me talk about Keane this week. More and more updates are coming along as I get them.

The lovely Wil, whom I mentioned below as having been the first fellow Keane fan I met on Friday, sent me these shots of me with the band when we reached the table. I don't think I could possibly look any worse, but I couldn't NOT post them, right?

This is Tim admiring my shirt, probably just seconds after he asked which one was him. :-)

I don't think I've ever taken quite such an awkward and terrible photo in my life actually. My hair is an absolute state, and Lord only knows what that face I'm making's all about, but whatevs. I'd just been dancing around like a maniac after all. I'm obviously telling Tim something with much enthusiasm. :-)

And finally, this is Lisa (whom I also mentioned, and who was right behind me in line) talking to Tim. Tom has just mentioned his "wicked Cartman impression" and in the background, Richard is now admiring the now infamous shirt.

Hot. :-)

Thanks Wil!

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