Sunday, July 30, 2006

Keane Mini-Tour A-Go-Go!!

Well, the time has finally come. Keane is gearing up to tour the US and I'm gearing up to follow them around like a lovesick puppy!

Imagine my shock and dismay when I returned home from Vegas to find a 5 day-old "Keane Weekly Newsletter" informing me that tickets for the US dates would be on sale Saturday the 22nd -- when I was reading it at 1am on Monday the 24rth! Ahhh!!

But then relief settled in like a squatter in an abandoned cottage when, two emails later, my kindred spirit and fellow stalker, Kat, let me know that she'd taken care of it. And not just tickets to one show, friends. No, that's just not how we roll. She got us tickets to the shows in Philly, New York, AND Boston. (Now you see why we get along so well. Where else am I going to find my special brand of insanity packaged neatly inside another human being?). As if that wasn't enough, the following Friday, she even sorted us out with tickets to a second NY gig, when Keane went ahead and decided to add a show at Carnegie Hall! Woo hoo! Excuse me while I kiss the sky!

We're both pretending to toy with the idea of Baltimore as well, when we both know damn well that we'll be there. Obsessive personalities like ares just don't do well with the idea that our heroes are playing a mere few hours from us and we're not there.

So it's time to bust out the iron on transfers for some more "Keane 'South Park Style'" t-shirts and hit the road! September can't come soon enough. Tom, Tim, and Richard aren't going to know what hit them!*

*Yes, we really are this crazy.

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