Thursday, July 13, 2006

One Wedding and No Funerals

To all my loyal readers (or should I say both of you?) I'm back! Albeit, just for a few days before pissing off to Vegas like the jetsetter that I am, but for now I'm here to regale you with my tales from a land far, far away (I believe it's 3800 miles, to be exact).

I actually have loads of stories, including several from a night out in London with Felicity, during which we met Albanian "Genc" who was quite possibly the hottest bit of stuff I've ever seen, AND ran into "Cute Pete" whom you may remember from my last batch of English adventures. Seriously, we just happened to run into him in Leicester Square, the chances of which I believe are about 5 million to one. But there you have it. That's my life. I've also got stories about the longest bus ride through London EVER as well as the £18 caricature from Hell in Covent Garden. But that's all to come later, as right now I'm going to jump to the main thing you really care about -- Richie and Sam's wedding.

Let me start by saying that I'm an idiot. This time it's because when I posted pictures of Simon's haircut before I left, I stupidly left the memory card to my spankin' new camera in my computer, rendering me digital camera-less for the week. I had to make due with a Walgreen's brand disposable, which decided to rewind itself to the beginning after only 17 pictures. Utter crap. Micki managed to capture a few shots on her camera and very kindly sent them to me, so all was not lost, but still. I suck.

Anyhoo, before the wedding we all met up at the pub (natch) to knock back a few before the nuptuals, which was really fun. It was here that Priesty introduced me to Elliot who I'd managed not to meet over the course of 5 years, but whom I'd heard much about via hilarious police reports and the like. Nice to finally put a face to a name. :-)

When Richie asked me "What are you drinking? Just coke?" and I laughed heartily, he surmised that "someone's going to be scraping Marnie off the floor later" which I'm happy to say was not the case (as has been in the past). You all would have been proud.

It was also here that I met Richie's lovely mother for the first time in all these years. She said "Oh Marnie! I've heard a lot about you!" I hasten to imagine. :-)

I saw Gary and Rachel's baby Megan for the first time here as well, and I think it's quite fair to say you'd be hard-pressed to find a cuter baby in this universe. ADORABLE. But you'll see that in a minute if you keep reading.

We weren't at the pub very long before we crossed the street to the church. During the ceremony (which was lovely) I wasn't able to get any photos from the angle I was at, but I assure you it was really good. Everybody looked gorgeous, and unlike a Catholic ceremony, it didn't last 7 hours, which was a nice change.

Immediately after, Summers drove Micki, Jay, Elliot and I to Sainsbury's so the guys could get some deodorant (as you do!). To say it was a tight fit would be the understatement of the year. Elliot's knees were in his chin, Jay was squeezed sideways in the back, I had a seatbelt buckle jammed almost obscenely into my ass, and Micki was bent so awkwardly that when we hit a speed bump, her head hit the roof of the car, bruising her spine. (No joke! She went to the hospital on Monday and all!). Obviously a good time was had by all.

So then we got to the reception where the real boozing and the real fun began. Richie and Mini's speeches were hilarious, and the slide show was adorable. It was at this point that I finally started taking pictures, which I have here for you to enjoy.

Let's start with the beautiful Megan.

I told you she was the cutest baby ever!

Me with Sam's betrothed, Richie, showing off his new bling. If you notice, Solomon is picking his nose to the left.

Me and the always stunning Glennie. See Mondo's tie in the background? I just bought a bathing suit at TopShop in that same print.

Me with Jonny, who, incidentally, also wears that shirt when he moonlights as a TGI Friday's waiter.* Who am I to judge, though, what with that orange elbow?

*Thanks Elliot for the crap joke

Me, Olney, and Michael Jackson pose for a photo. Obviously Michael hasn't changed his pervy ways.

Me and Solomon, who was looking tanner than I was, and his didn't come from a bottle. Or maybe it did. I don't know actually.

Me and Andy. This is where the night starts becoming a bit blurry. I remembering less and less of these shots as I go on...

With the lovely Blackwell, of "splitting his head open on my boss's fence" fame.

Dom and I, who spent half the night clearing our good names. :)

James, looking as if I've just farted or something.

(I hadn't, by the way.)

Obviously the only thing missing from this photo is Liam.

My typical wedding behaviour comes out, this time with Mini as the victim. And I obviously couldn't get enough...

He looks thrilled.

Okay. Now I really don't remember this. There seems to be a bit of kissing going on in the background as well. Once again, Mini looks enthralled.

STILL tamer than at Jay and Micki's wedding.

In this next photo, I feel it necessary to point out that I did not, in fact, block out Micki's face in order to make Laura and myself look better. Ever the modest one, she asked not to be in these photos and I'm merely respecting her wishes. You'll just have to enjoy another Mickey in her place.

The sad part is, I'm probably not even bent down that far in this photo.

Three things I want to know here.
1. Why do I look slightly insane?
2. What am I drinking?
3. Who is that?

And here he is again!

And so that concludes our wedding pictorial. I'm certain I took a photo with Priesty though. Where the hell did that go? Oh well. At least we've got this one.

We all definitely had a great night (and it's a plus that I can remember most of it). One of the best times I've had over there actually, and I'm so so glad I didn't miss it! I could go on and on about it, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words so you can just use your imaginations.

Now we'll see if I can make it home from Vegas in one piece (my guess is no).

Anyway, more updates to come so hold onto your hats. :-)

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