Friday, August 11, 2006

Just When I Thought 'MTV Culture' Couldn't Get Any Worse...

It did.

I just caught the video for Danity Kane's first single, "Show Stopper" and quite frankly, I'd rather watch Paris Hilton's video for "Stars Are Blind" over and over than to see this peice of crap ever again. And that's saying something!

Most of you probably don't know who Danity Kane is. They happen to be the 5 "lucky" ladies that Diddy chose on last season's Making the Band to make into superstars. And when I say "make into superstars" I mean "exploit them for reality television and make as much money as he can from them before they fade into obscurity as quickly as they poked their pretty little heads out of it." So that's who they are. Oh yeah, and also they're the group with the world's stupidest name. (I refuse to call them a band when there's not an instrument in sight)

Anyway, the video is terrible, but surprisingly better than the song, which made my ears bleed within seconds. Of course, I may be being a bit hasty in bashing it. After all, with sweet lyrics like "We sittin' on 22s plus 2/Mink bucket seats, neon blue/Color coordinate with them shoes/Yeah, we divas but we ride like big boys do" it's obviously destined to go down in music history as a masterpiece. I'm probably just not their target audience.

Check out this ridiculousness for yourself right here...

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