Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Why is it always my dream men?

Recently, the band to end all bands, Keane, has been cancelling a few dates here and there, much to the dismay of fans around the world. Stories of "family emergencies" and "exhaustion" have been thrown around but today the real story came to light.

Tom Goes Into Rehab

Keane frontman Tom Chaplin has gone into rehab for his alcohol and cocaine addiction.

The singer checked himself into The Priory last week.

Tom, 27, was let out of the clinic to perform at the V Festival over the weekend but returned as soon as the event was over.

He told The Sun:
"I've admitted myself into The Priory to get the professional help I need to overcome my increasing problem with drink and drugs.

"I'm looking forward to sorting myself out and getting back to playing again as soon as possible."

Keane have had to cancel their Ibiza Rocks concert, as well as shows in Dublin, Edinburgh and the US, but Tom realised he needs to take time out to rest and get better.

He wrote on the band's website: "I am gutted that I have to take a break from touring.

"I was really looking forward to these dates, but if it means we can do what we've got planned for the rest of the year, then I'll take the time off."

I sure can pick 'em, can't I?

All kidding aside, I hope my dear, sweet Mr.Chaplin does indeed sort this all out and get himself better... dare I say it... even if it means cancelling one or all of the many, many Keane shows that I have tickets to next month.

Get well soon, Tom. Or I may have to kill you.

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SWillson said...

It's so funny I said the same exact things: I'm sad/enraged at the same time and questioning my taste in guys! Hang in there, Marnie. Everyone wants him sober (at least until our shows are over. Only kidding of course!) --Your Keane SP friend from Harrisburg PA.

Lisa said...

I chanced by your blog when I googled "John Taylor" and wanted to say "hi". I too am a Keane fan (more than a Duran fan) and was saddened by the turn of events; however, I am glad Tom is going for help. Let's just hope he stays out of Pete Dougherty's way inside The Priory.

Too bad your Keane gigs are cancelled but I'm sure they will reschedule it. I have tickets to the Vancouver and Berkeley shows and so far, those have not been
cancelled yet.

Anyway, nice blog. Fun read.

Sarah said...

I love Tom Chaplin too...

But I unfortunatley couldn't get tickets to the concert :(

Their new album is supposed to be coming out sometime soon :D (yay!)

Keane rule :D:D:D:D