Monday, September 25, 2006

God! ONE TIME You Mention Kathy Hilton's Camel Toe!

Many of you probably don't even remember the post (the brain mechanism that blocks out traumatic experiences has probably done just that), but a while back, I felt the need to let Kathy Hilton, madre de Paris, know that her show "I Wanna Be A Hilton" was awful, and that the tightness and high waist of her sweatpants weren't leaving much to the imagination when it came to her birthin' region. And in Disneyland, for God's sake.

If you're so inclined, you can brush up on the nonsense here:

Your Show Sucks And You Have a Camel Toe

Anyway, since then, one of the most popular keyword searches that brings visitors to my humble blog is, in fact, "camel toe." Usually people aren't too specific in whose camel toe they're looking for exactly, although the Olsen twins and Lindsay Lohan pop up more often than others. I often imagine the disappointment the unsuspecting (pervert) Googlers experience when they click the link, only to find a withered wannabe CT staring back at them, rather than a young starlet's.

Well skeevs, quit searching for nasty things. You won't find them here.

In a completely unrelated story...

Charlie's Angels is in now in syndication every night at 9pm on WPPX.

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The AntiSocialite said...

I am SO AMUSED by your blog! This from a dame who NEVER reads blogs, who NEVER watches TV, and who can't stand the ridiculous "lives" that the hiltons, simpsons, et al "live."

At any rate, can't wait to read some more fun entries of yours.

sally bishai

ps- Here's an article I wrote about America's beastly obsession with a girl named after one of France's most lovely cities