Friday, September 01, 2006

I Have Truly Arrived!

Does anyone remember when Tom Cruise posted nasty comments on my blog after I relayed a simple opinion about Katherine McPhee of American Idol? Well, okay... so it wasn't Tom Cruise, but I like to imagine that it was because that's just hilarious. For those of you missed this particular peice of genius, you can catch up here. Dude was fired UP.

Well, folks -- it gets better. It would appear that some mega-fan has stumbled upon an old post of mine about American Idol's faux-rocker extraordinaire, Chris Daughtry. Around the time of this post, I got a record number of hits from people searching "Chris Daughtry Arrogant" which tells me I wasn't the only one who had this particular opinion. Anyhow, this particular fan brought my posting to the attention of the other loons on a particular Daughtry fan site and oh, the chaos that ensued! It's caused me to laugh myself into a quivering heap! I never realised how much insanity could be brought out by a little dissonance over an Idol contestant! Not since the Claymates have fans been so rabid! It's definitely a must-read!

First, you must go read the comments they left here.

Hilarious, right? But when Miss Thang went running back to the site (which will from here on in be known as "Dork Central") they really let loose! The original poster even said I need my humble pie shoved up my ass!!! Hahahahaha!! Loves it!! One girl also had the foresight to point out that the imagery I used was, in fact, a pecan pie and not a humble pie at all. Thanks, genius, I wasn't aware.

I was called a snot, a bitch, a mofo, and told to both "eat it" and go f**k myself! I was even dubbed "pecan/humble pie bitch" which is my own personal fave! I also seem to recall something about kissing a "hemroid" (sic) on Taylor Hicks' "plump ass" but I was laughing too hard to remember the quote exactly. They also called me an "SPer" which I can only assume is a "Soul Patrol" member. Hmm... not quite, but whatever.

The best part is that one of them commented to me that "name calling is immature".

So then one of the ringleaders brought up the brilliant idea to "spam the hell out of her blog". Replies she got included "is there a way? if so, I'm all over it!" and "there is a way to post a message about her bullshit rants. Just click on the "comments" link under the "article"" among others.

You've seen brilliance they posted. And boy were they proud of themselves!:

"I don't have a blogger acct so I had to leave an annonamous reply. Who the fuck said all that shit? What a bunch of shit."

"I left an annoymous one too!! EVERYONE DO IT!"

"I left her a couple of tasteful messages"

"I left my name. So did skeezer! Go skeezer! She's gonna soon find out she's screwing with the wrong DAUGHTRY."
Hahaha. Sorry ladies. If someone would kindly inform me which Daughtry I should be screwing with, I'll get right on it. Thanks.

They didn't all comment though. Oh no. One refused to post because she was "tired of arguing with ignorant Hicks fans" and another was (hilariously) "afraid of what she might say". *guffaw*

I'm surprised I haven't gotten any death threats! I look forward to that for tomorrow. The words "Get a Life" never rang so true! All this hoopla over a 4 month old post! I feel like Perez Hilton!

Spam away, ladies. As they say, any publicity is good publicity. ;-)

Editor's Note: Looks like being booted from Idol wasn't the last time Chris has been shafted. Click here for the best photo montage ever. (via defamer)


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. This is the funniest thing I've ever read! You laid the smackdown on those bitches! I hope those assholes read this and realize how competely ridiculous they sound! Immature hypocrites!

PS You're right, Daughtry SUCKS.

Anonymous said...

ok i was the one that said i was afriad to post a comment.CHRIS IS NOT ARROGANT.and i think u r the immature one posting stuff like that.i am so tired of arguing with people like U.SO FUCK U GO TO HELL

Anonymous said...

same person from above thats me. i am not gonna post what else i have in my mind cause it would be realy bad

Marnie said...

~ooh~ I'm shaking in my Taylor Hicks lovin' boots!

Anonymous said...

it's me again from before. i don't even know why i listen to idiots like u. this just proves that someone could be the sweetest,nicest,most caring,humblest person in the world (cause thats what chris is) and people will still critsize that person.cause there r idiots in the world like u who do that

Danielle said...

You have a lot of nerve talking about Chris like that...he is the absolute greatest! Well not really, I think he sucks, and he is completely arrogant as well.

Love you

Lisa said...

Funny, funny, funny. I'm with you though - I could care less for Chris Daughtry and Kat McPhee. My vote went to Elliott Yamin instead.

Anyway, I thought Daughtry was just another Nickelback and Linkin Park. As for McPhee, let's just say I so agree Hicks should have won.