Friday, October 13, 2006

At Least He Didn't Say "Crack is Whack"

My homeboy Graham Norton appears to have put his foot in it with some recent comments about drug use.

In a recent interview with Marie Claire magazine, Grahamy-poo was apparently quoted as saying:

"The only time I took ecstasy was years and years ago. It was absolutely amazing. It was just fantastic - really, really fun."
He also added, no doubt in a hilarious, campy way:

"I've tried loads of drugs, but it would really bug me if I got busted in the tabloids because I take them so rarely."
The National Drug Prevention Alliance is apparently "appalled' by the comments. Forgive me if I roll my eyes.

Both Tory and Labour MPs alike have called his conduct "extremely dangerous" and"grossly irresponsble" and a chief executive of DrugScope, (whatever that is) said:

'... It is reasonable to ask that celebrities recognise a responsibility - that for many people there is a downside to drug use.'
What drama queens. I don't think anyone who was anti-drug is going to read Graham's quote and suddenly think "Wow! If Graham says it's okay, it must be!" Even the hoighty-toighty BBC has Graham's back, for God's sake:

'The issues that Graham discusses in this interview are aimed at an adult audience and reflect the frank and open nature of his personality.'
Word. Why is it okay for Paris Hilton to blatantly have pot in her bag at a fashion show, but Graham says he did ecstasy years ago and he's crucified? Whatevs.

Perhaps the best part of the interview is Graham's view on coke:
'I think that coke is middle-aged stuff. To me, it's a middle-class choice of drug.'
Ha. I'm sure Whitney Houston agrees. I only wish someone would have told Tom Chaplin that.

Love is our only drug.

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Catherine said...

I bought the magazine! Do you want me to scan + send you the full thing? I think the best bit was he said coke was middle-class because it involved coffee tables LOL.

I'm going to see his taping a week tomorrow!!

Catherine xx