Sunday, October 15, 2006

Deelishisly Hypocritical

Okay, I admit it. I watch Flavor of Love. Every week, religiously. Hell, I've even been known to tune into the "Extras" on Comcast On Demand now and again. Pathetic? Oh hell yes. But at least I admit it. And anyway, that shizz is entertaining.

As some of you may know, tonight is the season finale where Flav has to choose between Deelishis and New York. My girl Krazy got sent home at the last elimination ceremony, after spending her entire time in the house defending her motives, while constantly being targeted as the "fake one". Pretty unfair if you ask me. I mean, sure the girl wanted a recording contract, but at least she made no bones about it. In fact, I'd argue that she was almost too naive to truly have any underhanded motives. Just the way she allowed New York to play her like a fiddle showed that much. Poor Krazy got a bad rap!

Anyway, once Krazy's "time was up" I automatically fell into the trap of rooting for Deelishis for the simple fact that she was not New York, who I'd have argued was the most vile person in reality TV history, until I saw her mother in action. Now THAT is a vile bitch.

However, after happening upon the MySpace profile of Deelishis, I don't really care who wins. Why? Well, let's just say for the amount of times Deelishis called Krazy a "fake-ass punk-ass lyin-ass ho-ass opportunist bitch" I find it awfully funny that her own profile is wrought with all kinds of "Book me for a personal appearance!" crap. I'm pretty sure anyone who was not looking for an entertainment career, but just "looking to be me" (those who watch the show will know what I am referring to) does not go and give herself a stage name like "London Charles". (Whatevs, Chandra Davis!). Who's the fake-ass punk-ass lyin-ass ho-ass opportunist bitch now?

In a frighteningly bizarre twist of fate, New York's MySpace is almost a breath of fresh air! Not only does she seem like an actual human being, but she seems almost... (I can't believe I'm going to say this) and *gasp* likeable.

Did I just say that?

No, seriously! Read it! She's not at all like the insane, arrogant hosebeast that she was on the show! Of course, that doesn't take away the fact that, while on the show, she unleashed a fierce, blinding hatred in me like no television character ever has (although the recently ousted "Monique" on this season's America's Next Top Model came dangerously close). It's just that in "real world" terms, I think she's slightly more normal. Slightly. (Oh by the way, I can't believe she's a full two years younger than I am. I seriously thought Miss Thang was at least 35.)


I only ever saw bits and pieces of the first season of Flavor of Love, like the whole Pumkin spitting incident that we've all come to know and love. If you haven't seen it, for the love of God, click here and watch it. You'll laugh until you can't breathe (It's the unedited version though, so please don't watch it at work.) From what I've seen, New York was pretty foul then too. Real foul. But still a far cry from the ridiculous "HBIC" character she came back with this year.

She was definitely stepping up her "I want my own show" game. Watching the clip on her MySpace page where Flav first met her parents, it was like seeing a whole different person in action (and not just because of the 20 extra pounds). Strangely though, I almost believe that she really wanted Flav, aspiring actress or not. Then again, she could be acting. :-)

So yeah, if I was only going by MySpace junk, I'd say New York all the way, but since New York was the devil incarnate all along, I'm having a REAL hard time rooting for her. I guess now I just don't give a shit who wins.

But whatever. I'll still watch. I'll still enjoy. I'll still tune in to see the inevitable season three. Because even if it's a fake-ass punk-ass lyin-ass ho-ass opportunist show, it's still damn entertaining.

Screencaps from FourFour and my new fave site EVER, I Am Screaming and Punching Myself. Loves it.

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