Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I May Need Relacore

You know that commercial where the announcer's all like:
"Stress increases Cortisol. Cortisol causes belly fat. Relacore reduces Cortisol. You need Relacore."?
(And yes, I watch way too much friggin' TV) Anyway, I was just sitting here, leaning back in my chair with my feet up on the shelf above my desk, clipping my fingernails. I stopped to watch Criminal Minds for a second and when the commercial came on, I went back to clipping. Well, I started to, but then I couldn't find the clippers. I looked on the top of my desk, and leaned down to see if they had fallen on the floor, but they weren't in either place.

Well guess where they were? Umm... in the FOLD of my STOMACH.

Like, I'm sitting here cracking up about it, but really it's not funny. It's just nasty. I don't need to be losing household items in the folds of my body, k?

I need Relacore.

The only one who knows my pain.

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